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Fault Finding & Troubleshooting

Today's fire protection systems are high tech and they are capable of providing astounding levels of performance and protection when they are setup and working correctly.  But as with all things high-tech, getting it right requires a combination of skills and experience as well as a good understanding of the specifics of your circumstance.

It might come as no surprise then that there are systems out there that haven't been installed and configured to work to their optimum efficiency.  Even professionals can get it wrong if they don't have sufficient experience with the system at hand, or they don't use the back-up support of the manufacturer providing technical information and necessary on-going training. 

We are constantly called upon to take over the scheduled inspection and testing of a fire detection / fire protection system after the first 12-months contract liability period has expired.  What we do find on fortunately a limited number of cases is that the system has never operated correctly or does not have the capacity to operate correctly.  Some typical mistakes found range from fire detection circuits not being connected at the fire indicator panel or end of line devices being located at the panel due to constantly recurring faults.  Remote LED indicators being reverse connected.  Slave-driven suppression cylinders being disconnected.  This list goes on.

When we test a system you can be assured that we test the system entirely and if there are any problems we will let you know.  Our electrical staff test your system.  We do not send button-pushers armed with a clip board and an outline of the appropriate lights that should illuminate.  We have the capability to remedy operational problems immediately and not simply report the defects only to be relegated to an outstanding defects list to be rectified by a senior technical person when they are available or next in your area. 

We pride ourselves on having the right experience and the right relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure your system performs as expected.  On a number of occasions we have been called in  on 'technical consults' to assist other fire protection providers.

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