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Hose Reels, Hydrants, Pumps & Boosters

Hose Reels

The standard specifies requirements for maintenance of fire hose reels six-monthly and 12-monthly.

Fire Hose Reels are designed to be used in an emergency situation only and as such are usually not sufficiently robust to be used as a wash down hose.  Frequently we find the hose in disarray, sometimes wound both on and behind the reel.  This causes delays and in some cases total restriction to the use of the fire hose, reducing or negating the ability to use your reel in an emergency.

If your hose reel is plumbed to un-metered mains water it is an offence to use the reel other than for service or in an emergency fire situation.  It is required and important to keep the area around your reel clear at all times to allow rapid deployment.

Many hose reels are fitted with back-flow prevention valves.  These should be serviced annually by a certified back-flow prevention plumber.  We are able to have a fully qualified and accredited plumber provide this service for you.

Hydrants, Pumps and Boosters

There are six levels of maintenance of hydrant installations based on periodicity:  weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, three-yearly and six-yearly.

Three-yearly and six-yearly maintenance of systems includes appropriate water collection to meet EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requirements.  If your business does not have catchment tanks, our fully qualified plumber has a water truck enabling us to catch the water and dispose / recycle it in an environmentally safe manner.

It is essential to ensure your pumps are tested to standards requirements, fuel kept topped up and your system is ready-to-go should the sprinklers discharge in an emergency.  It is also important that your hydrants and boosters are going to meet the standards required for the SAMFS or CFS connection in case of fire.

Let us help you maintain your systems to work at their optimum.