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Know Your Legal Obligations

Unless fire protection systems and equipment are provided with scheduled inspection, testing and maintenance they may as well not have been provided.

There are legislative requirements that specify the frequency of testing and inspection of systems and equipment and we adhere to these requirements and provide comprehensive registers and report to support the services provided.

In South Australia the legislated requirement is in accordance with the Ministers Specification which requires that all fire protection systems and equipment is inspected and tested to the minimum requirements of AS1851 – prior to the 2005 edition.

AS1851-2005 is legislated in the Eastern States but not in South Australia.

Some sites require that their equipment be serviced and maintained in accordance with AS1851-2005.  As South Australia is legislated by the Minister Specification any services required must at least meet with the minimum requirements of AS1851 – prior to 2005. The maintenance requirements for essential safety provisions for buildings in South Australia can be found in Regulation 76 of the Development Regulations.  This regulation calls up Minister's Specifications SA 76 for the "deemed to satisfy requirements".

We can offer all forms of fire protection systems and equipment inspection, testing and maintenance for your requirements to meet with legislative requirements.