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Portable Fire Equipment

Safeguarding Life and Property

Portable fire extinguishers on most buildings and sites are the only form of fire protection available, but despite everyone’s reserved opinion that they won’t have a fire, just ask those that have!

To be prepared for the unexpected and to provide an improved chance at safe exit of the area for all concerned, appropriate portable fire fighting equipment in sufficient numbers plus regular scheduled maintenance of that equipment is a necessity.

Portable fire equipment must be conspicuous, readily accessible, the correct type and regularly maintained.  Appropriate extinguishers are there for a first attack on small controlled fires, with quick escape ever mindful.  Fire fighting of more advanced fires should be left to the professionals, the Fire Brigade whether metropolitan or country.

Supply, Installation and Maintenance

On the phone, in the office or out on-site, we have experienced staff available to give advice on the types of extinguishers and equipment suited for the usage of your site and specific risks present.  The information we provide is to enable you to make an informed decision.

Appointments are made for on-site audits, scheduled service and maintenance of any or all fire protection equipment.  Specific risks, Australian Standards, Work Place Safety are all taken into consideration when auditing, supplying or installing equipment.  There may be recommendations made at times of scheduled maintenance different to an initial audit - as businesses expand and change so do fire protection needs.

Under the current SA legislated Minister’s Specification

  • All types of fire extinguishers, fire blankets and hose reels should be inspected, serviced and maintained at a minimum 6 monthly.
  • All liquid based extinguishers (ie water, wet chemical, foam) are to be internally inspected and recharged every 3 years.
  • All types of fire extinguishers are to be pressure tested and recharged every 6 years.

Australian Standard AS1851.2005 is not legislated in South Australia and although some national customers are to be serviced to this standard, it is a legal SA requirement that the Minister’s Specification must be met first.

“One Stop Shop” for all your fire protection needs

We design, supply, install and maintain a wide range of fire systems in addition to hand held portable fire equipment, eg exit & emergency lighting, automatic fire detection and alarm systems including EWIS, automatic fire suppression extinguishing systems.  There is no need to deal with more than one fire company for your requirements.  We do not employ button pushers.  Scheduled testing of this equipment is performed by electricians capable of on-the-spot diagnosis and emergency repair if required.

Record keeping:

Our maintenance records are comprehensive in all areas and easy to comprehend.  There are clear explanations of all levels and types of service, identification of when major services are next due, recommendations for future replacements/upgrades or additional equipment plus historical notations.